60,097 vehicles recalled 

2007-2012 Veracruz - second, updated

issue under recall #14V-415

Oil leak from front cylinder gasket; oil traveling into alternator case causing a no-charge issue; result in engine stall,

possible crash .  

Hyundai owners, call




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Check out our 12 car care items needed in your holiday road-trip kit, below!

Where's my VIN? 


Look on the lower left of your car's windshield for your 17-character Vehicle Identification Number. Your VIN is also located on your car's registration card, and it may be shown on your insurance card.

Who's working on your car or truck?

 Going to grandma’s for turkey dinner, this holiday? Don’t start-out on the   road before checking the tire pressure – including the spare! And don’t   air-up the tires based on the PSI rating on the sidewall of those sneakers.   Always top-off air pressure based on the manufacturer’s specs. You can   easily find this info in the driver’s door jamb on the tire and loading   information sticker. 

 Need help locating a facility? See our ASE list on the


No need to buy extra stuff: Take either a old shipping box or duffle bag and use to store the following items...

1)  Can of "fix a flat" for quick, temporary tire repair

2) A thermal blanket

3) Clear painter's tarp (cover accident damage; broken window in the down position)

4) Duct tape

5) Bottle water and snacks

6) Battery jump box (+/- $39-$49) NO JUMP CABLES!

7) Flash light

8) Bungy-cord

9) Magazine, books to occupy your time waiting for the tow truck

10) 12-inch X 12-inch piece of plywood to anchor tire jack stand

11) Small, portable snow shovel

12) Physical list of emergency phone numbers, contacts inside a sealed sandwich bag (in case you cannot open your cell phone, dead battery, etc.)

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The 12 "must have"

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