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100 vehicles recalled

2020 Kia Stinger hatchbacks

Motor-driven power steering assembly may have been manufactured incorrectly, possibly resulting in a crash.

Kia owners, call:

NHTSA: 888-327-4236


307,910 vehicles recalled

2008 to 2020 Volvo vehicles

Steel cable that connects belt to front outboard seating positions may not secure the occupant in a crash event.

Volvo owners, call:


NHTSA: 888-327-4236

19,300 vehicles recalled

2016 to 20 Lincoln SUVs

Insufficient clearance between the driver and/or front passenger seat wiring harness could cause wiring harness abrasions, electrical issues.

Lincoln owners, call:

NHTSA: 888-327-4236

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6,200 vehicles recalled

2020 Nissan Leaf hatchbacks

Images for the backup camera can disappear while in Reverse, increasing the risk of a crash.

Nissan owners, call:

NHTSA: 888-327-4236

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