Q: My son is looking for his first vehicle. What would be the best car or truck for him? 

A: A "five-star" safety rating vehicle would be a great starter vehicle for your child. And, before purchase, have it checked over by independent set of ASE-certified, professional eyes - saving you possible heartache...lemon-flavored.

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Q: My truck is making an unusual noise but everytime I take it into the shop, the mechanic says he can't hear the noise? I don't want to breakdown so what do I do?

A: Get a second opinion. The first tech may have a hearing issue, not experienced in the year, make and model you drive. or another obstacle preventing him from making a proper diagnosis. 

Q: My husband wants to replace the cabin air filter on my 2010 Nissan Sentra...and he thinks that he can do it, himself. Is it easy?

A: It's as easy as: 1) Follow your vehicle manual; or 2) Asking your ASE tech to show you how, for future reference. (Hint: The cabin air filter is located inside the cab of the vehicle, near the accelerator/gas pedal.)

Q: How often do I change the engine oil? The shop told me once a year. But I use my car for work and put a lot of miles on it. Just doesn't sound right to me.

A: Oil change frequency is based upon year, make and model. Unfortunately, some technicians don't look beyond that criteria. Each manufacturer has another category that needs to be addressed: whether the vehicle falls under the severe or normal duty service category. Ask shop management to re-evaluate your vehicle's maintenance schedule. 

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Q: The police department towed my vehicle. How can I find it?


A: Call your local police department. They will have record to which tow company, and where it was towed.